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"These guys prices are unreal and their quality is top notch. I use all their products and it just plugs and plays on all my lasers with no issues."
— Dr. Hal G., California

"I needed a handpiece that would not slip for my laser lipo procedures, not only did they have one that worked perfect they had fibers at much higher quality and a much better price."
— Doctors in Texas

"I needed a fiber for my old laser and have been getting nothing but the run around from the original supplier. One phone call and these guys built me a custom fibers that actually worked."
— Dr. Gerald M., California

"These guys were reccomended at a Lipo training course and I can tell you the products are wonderful. They are less money give me more uses and just work great. the handpiece is top notch engineering and free with the first order how good is that."
— Doctors in Texas, Missouri, Florida and every other state Smart Lipo is being used

"I'd heard some good stuff about these guys from my peers. In my practice, every dollar counts. Well, I LOVE the products I've bought so far and they also saved me money! How often does THAT happen? I'm happy to recommend LDI for both products and prices!"
— Keith S., Maine

" ABSOLUTELY, I'd recommend them! LDI has great prices, I bought a Fiber and a cleaver. My items came in very quickly, and the quality is so good I have to admit that I wish I had found LDI sooner! Even the shipping charges were reasonable. Thanks!"
— Dr. Jane M., Maryland

"I was not sure a company with a Laser Dentistry name could help me with my medical laser needs but I found out pretty quick these guys are the real deal with top notch engineering and manufacturing."
— Dr. Frederick M., Georgia

"Lets talk about outstanding customer service and support ! All products 100% guaranteed with no hassle that alone is worth its weight in gold. You can not even get close to this level of support from other suppliers."
— Dr. Charles H., Florida



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