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Laser dentistry   Laser Medicine

Laser dentistry is where we cut our teeth. We provide products to doctors direct that cover virtually all major laser soft tissue procedures used in worldwide dentistry today. From the highest quality and low priced diode lasers to precision tools, LDMI has it all. We build laser optical fibers for every style and type of soft tissue laser out there. If we don't have what you need, we'll make it for you custom at no extra cost. All this, plus lifetime guarantees on our products along with our fiber breakage guarantee, the only one in the industry. We are the low price leader.


Covering general surgery of soft tissue, Cosmetic, Soft Tissue and low level light therapy, LDMI's medical division provides the quality products that you need today. Standard and custom laser fibers, precision tools, we have it all. All our products are fully autoclave compatible and meet precise quality control standards that gives you confidence every time you use them.

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About Laser Dental and Medical Innovations

Staffed with a world class team of design, manufacturing, regulatory, quality and customer service professionals, our company has been providing lasers, fiber optics, precision tools and custom designs to laser dentistry professionals for 15 years. We partner with the top dentists,educators and clinicians and go for win win products. Adding to our strength is Spectrum International Inc., and with thousands of lasers in the field together, we are a proven engineering and manufacturing organization, we're just quiet about it. We supply products that cover every soft tissue laser out there today at high quality and great prices.

Custom Design Service

At Laser Dental Innovations, we also do custom designs of precision tools and fibers to doctors specifications. Contact us for more information.

"I've had my Premier soft tissue laser for over a decade and thought I would have to buy a new laser when the last fiber finally was used up. I was ecstatic to find Howard and Laser Dental Innovations. What an honest man, fantastic service and second to none quality products. A lot of dental companies over promise and under deliver. Lazer Dental does just the opposite. Finally, a company who puts the dentists needs and budget first! Thank you Howard for such a first class company."
— Dr. Douglas Cast