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Click Any Link Below for Detailed Product Instructions For:

Laser Safety Before you Begin

Using the Laser LipoSuction Handpiece

Set Up Instructions For Starlite Fiber, Handpiece, Tips, Stripper and Cleaver

Stripping 400 Micron Fiber

Stripping 300 Micron Fiber

Stripping StarLite Gold Fibers

Stripper Care and Blade Changing

Autoclave Stripper Set Up

Cleaver Care Instructions

Cleaving Fiber

LiteSaber Handpiece Care Instructions

Setting up the LiteSaber Handpiece

Laser Glow 90 Degree Tip Adjustment

StarLite Gold Fiber Optic Use and Care

Starlite Hard Clad Fiber Use and Care

DioDent 1 and 2 or Opus 5 and 10 Fiber Set Up with Hard Clad Fibers

DioDent 2 StarLite Fiber Optic Set Up

Sirona StarLite Gold Fiber Optic Set Up

ADT Diolase ST StarLite Fiber Optic Set Up

Opus 5 or 10 Set Up with StarLite Gold Fibers



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